My Walls

Because we're experienced, reliable, and focused on results, we've had the privilege of working with a host of fantastic clients.

Each wall is custom-made according to the tastes and needs of the customer and carries with it the uniqueness of the work itself.

All the walls are different and you wouldn’t find two identical in the world.

Size, colors, Details and Structure will be agreed with the customer to create a truly unique work of art.

Our work

Given the high level of quality and extreme versatility of the works of both design and material, Alessandro de Stefano Art Design Studio collaborates with interior design firms, architects, construction companies, and industry professionals.

We also work directly with private clients creating unique design solutions in homes, restaurants and stores, proposing to the most demanding clients different applications and ideas to enhance environments.


I create walls inside your home.
I work on any surface.
I create my creations with the private client's inspiration and adapt the colors and textured materials to the client's needs.
My passion and flair to your requests.

We are at your disposal for any clarification or quotation.

My Colors 

Alessandro de Stefano Art Designer

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