Every garden or garden corner with the construction of a swimming pool undergoes a remarkable transformation. The aesthetic effect that will manifest itself will be remarkable and in most cases amaze the client himself. 


When thinking about the construction of a swimming pool in the common imagination the work is compared to the construction or renovation of a property with all the advantages and consequent disadvantages. 

In reality, by relying on NoName Luxury's expertise and experience, the construction of a swimming pool will be quick, extremely simple and minimally invasive. 

NoNameLuxury normally follows and carries out all these activities in compliance with the regulations, with qualified personnel and trying to limit the inconvenience for the customer as much as possible. 

For the construction of an in-ground swimming pool it is always necessary to apply for prior bureaucratic permits and receive specific consent from the municipality following the technical building regulations. Once in possession of the necessary permits, an inspection is carried out to place through a tracking the exact location of the pool indicated in the project. Following the approval of the administrative file NNLuxury, with its in-house technical department always draws up a specific executive project for the pool to be built where the following are indicated: excavation encumbrances, interferences with installations, distances from critical elements (boundaries, etc.,), elevations with respect to reference points and/or elevations, position of electrical and plumbing connections, position of the technical plant piping, a project therefore quite different from the one required by the authorization title that takes into account the encumbrances and the position of the pool. Having fixed the location of the pool, it is necessary to gear up for the first step to be taken for its construction, that is, excavation. In order to accurately indicate to the worker who will operate the excavation vehicle the limits of intervention indicated in the executive project, the area to be excavated must be identified visibly on the ground. 


Once the location of the pool has been identified, a slightly larger excavation limit should be evaluated so as to allow for masonry construction, safe work and the passage of equipment. 


Having made the excavation of the correct size with the appropriate depth and chosen according to the customer's need, the next step in the construction of the pool is the construction of the basement. The basement follows the same construction process for almost every type of swimming pool. The pool basement is made of reinforced concrete. Following the executive design, workers place inside the excavation the metal meshes necessary to ensure the structural tightness of the pool, the pool floor drains, and the vertical irons at the formwork step to prepare the concrete pour. Once the reinforcement at the bottom is ready, the concrete is poured using a betoncar or concrete pump (in situations of difficult access, the concrete will be mixed with portable concrete mixers directly on site. Once the pour is completed, the foundation will already be made and only needs to be cured. 


Once the concrete of the basement has cured, it will be possible to proceed with the construction of the walls and then the perimeter of the pool. The construction technique of building the perimeter with insulated reinforced concrete allows to interrupt the natural heat exchange between the ground and the water and ensures a significantly warmer pool water while still guaranteeing from the structural point of view a result equal to traditional reinforced concrete but an evolution from the energy point of view. During the execution of the basement, vertical irons were preliminarily arranged in appropriate positions at the insertion points of the formwork thus creating the vertical reinforcement of the walls with constant pitch of the irons. Adding up the various rows of formwork will result in the wall with the desired depth of the basin. 

Once the construction of the walls is completed, all the walling components necessary for the operation of the pool, such as: skimmers, nozzles, mud suction inlet, lighthouse formwork, will have to be inserted into the walls.

To conclude the construction of the perimeter, the last step will be the pouring of concrete inside the prepared disposable formworks. The formworks are in fact hollow inside and contain the reinforcements so with a pour from above they are gradually filled to the full depth. 


Once the construction of the walls is completed and waiting for its normal maturation, the backfilling of the pool with some of the excavated soil can be carried out. 


It is of paramount importance to perfectly shave the bottom of the pool in order to prevent imperfections in the pool.

Design made in 🇮🇹 Italy