In the bathroom, symmetrical lines and industrial atmospheres give way to the softness of curves, as much in the sanitary ware that becomes increasingly rounded as in the furniture components and patterns that give continuity to the environment. Everything creates the perfect cozy and intimate atmosphere, which even a shower stall is able to express in the unexpectedly soft lines. Even colors know how to make themselves protagonists, in an endless sampler of shades and pantones that reflect the trend and that, just as in nature, know how to convey relaxation in warm tones and overlapping shades, as much as awaken the senses with the strength of the elements that explode in the sharp and sharply contrasting colors. Choosing a unique and personal style to experience in the bathroom is now really simple.

Thus, the shower becomes an element of separation between the bed and bath environment of a single room, or it fits perfectly into the outdoor panorama, letting a moment of intimacy also become a source of inspiration. A shower stall integrated harmoniously, even at full height, into a bright room, thanks to glass casements and doors, invisible profiles and flush shower trays, not only does not interrupt natural light, but also amplifies and reflects it, meeting precise sustainability requirements.

Some of the projects where we participated from which you might take inspiration...

Space for light

It is impossible to talk about sustainability without considering the importance of brightness in indoor environments, especially in the bathroom for decades sacrificed in the least bright and airy corners of the house. Today the bathroom opens up to the living areas, deprives itself of walls and overlooks truly exclusive views, openly declaring all the importance of this environment, a source of relaxation and regeneration, which today can no longer be neglected. 

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What makes us different?

When thinking about the construction of a swimming pool in the common imagination the work is compared to the construction or renovation of a property with all the advantages and consequent disadvantages.

In reality, by relying on NoName Luxury's by Alessandro de Stefano expertise and experience, the construction of a swimming pool will be quick, extremely simple and minimally invasive.

NoNameLuxury by Alessandro de Stefano normally follows and carries out all these activities in compliance with regulations, with qualified personnel and trying to limit as much as possible the inconvenience for the customer.